The Menagerie

An ever increasing herd of radio controlled street furniture - Road-cones, wheelie bins, giant plant pots, portaloos, Christmas trees and a baby buggy all come to life causing hilarity and surprise wherever they go.Each object has it’s own character and back story plus some of them talk with the operator being able to enter into dialogue as the character via a hidden 2 way radio system. The audience share an emotional experience created with the surprise and humour invoked by adding life to everyday inanimate objects.

In the land of Silly they are! Sid and Nancy are wheelie bins, Barry is a portaloo, John is a road cone, Gladys and Annabel are flower pots and Fred and Ginger are Christmas Trees, looks can be very deceiving. Be nice to them, if you’re not mayhem may ensue - remember street furniture have feelings too!

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