Mission Statement:

In the face of complex and weighty issues like climate change and rising sea levels, we've decided to tackle them head-on with a splash of creativity! At BOSI, we believe in the power of art and scientific communication to make daunting topics more approachable and engaging for all.

Our Approach:

With our signature blend of sensible silliness, we've woven these crucial topics into our touring extravaganza, "Island Storm." No need for dry data dumps here—we've crafted a show that subtly educates and entertains audiences of all stripes.

Sustainability at the Forefront:

But that's not all! We're committed to making our show as sustainable as possible. That's why we're striving to meet the intermediate standard outlined in "Theatre Green Book: Sustainable Productions," ensuring our performances leave a positive impact on both hearts and the planet.

Join us on this whimsical journey as we navigate serious seas with a dash of silliness and a commitment to sustainability!