Hard Art.


Since the dawn of BOSI (Bureau of Silly Ideas for you newbies), our illustrious leader Roger has been stirring the pot with quirky conversations and offbeat topics. When the enigmatic Hard Art movement emerged, Roger felt a cosmic connection—their bold activism aligned perfectly with BOSI's mission to sprinkle activism into our wacky projects.

For the uninitiated, “Hard Art is a cultural collective standing in solidarity in the face of climate and democratic collapse” (check them out here).

BOSI's Battle Cry:

In 2024 and beyond, BOSI pledges to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Hard Art, supporting their artistic antics and diving headfirst into the maelstrom of activism. Keep those peepers peeled here and on our socials for more mind-bending updates!

Let the madness commence as BOSI and Hard Art join forces in the fight for a sillier, yet savvier world!


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