Festivals & Promoters

Programming a festival or public event and looking for unique and engaging acts that will leave your audience in stitches? Bureau of Silly Ideas have a range of shows and walkabouts to transform your day into something unforgettably silly.

We work year round bringing incredible arts experiences to the outdoors - co-ordinating festival wide custard pie battles in summer, and breathtaking illuminated installations in winter.

We specialise in ‘did you just see that?!’ moments. Our mechanical menagerie makes for double-takes every time; be it for Sid and Nancy our iconic robot bins, our giant drivable foot, or the pedal powered pineapple, we make incredible, interactive roving spectacle.

We bring art into every aspect of event making. We worked with leading technologists to create the innovative AI mood-based data capturing hardware ‘The Smile-O-Meter’ to give readings of enjoyment for public audiences in their thousands.

Whether it’s an iconic vaudeville or sideshow installation, a cutting-edge technology innovation, or a robot bin, our unstoppable artists will work with you to create unforgettable experiences unique to your event.

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