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We rely on your donations and grant funding to deliver our work.

Until August 2019 all individual donations, corporate sponsorship, trust and foundation grants to support our work will be matched £1 for £1 by funding from Arts Council England* so you can help make twice as many smiles. Any money you give will make more people smile and contribute to their increased happiness and well-being.

*up to a total of £50,000

Your donation will help to

Deliver live events in parks, public streets and outdoor spaces across the UK

Create fun, silly and inspiring projects for local communities                            

Train, mentor and support the next generation of creative artists and makers

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For just over £2 a month - the same price as a bag of potatoes - you can make a greater number of smiles across the globe!

You’ll receive a Silly Mug*, BOSI Badge and get discounts on Club Silly activities and events.

*UK residents only

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Remember your donation will be doubled!

Bureau of Silly Ideas are one of 130 organisations to receive support through Arts Council England’s Catalyst Evolve programme. This means that throughout 2019 all donations received will be doubled. There’s no better time to donate or join as a member to support new work.

Thank you for helping to make more smiles!

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Bureau of Silly Ideas work with businesses

We are a not for profit organisation, this means 100% of any money donated goes to making new work or towards outreach and community projects involving local organisations, or to supporting emerging artists and makers.

We work regularly with businesses to create unique, bespoke and original partnerships. If you want an original team-building experience for your company, or are a retailer looking to launch a new product or get consumer research/feedback/monitor footfall in creative ways, get in touch with us to discuss how we can deliver your business goals at


If you haven’t got the capacity to give us money, there are other ways you can make more people smile. Fundraise for us, or volunteer to help with Club Silly ideas and projects. If you have stuff that you think might be usefully turned into something silly, one person's trash is definitely our treasure!

Download our fundraising pack here or if you want to volunteer your time or donate an item get in touch at

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