Club Silly.

Club Silly is for artists, performers, makers and audiences who have an interest in creating, curating, exploring or enjoying art and/or performance and/or eccentric behaviour in the public realm and/or unusual spaces.

Across the collective we support, plot and work with a range of artists; providing mentorship and guidance on how to make work that is;

- For public realm and/or unusual spaces
- Collaborative across art forms
- Sits outside of popular cultural experiences
- Eccentric, political, anarchist, subversive, a bit odd!


The Bureau Of Silly Ideas (BOSI) is one of a collective of Artists who produce and house the regular programme of Club Silly events and opportunities.

What's On

In early 2021 we supported the inception creation of 6 new artistic Thing-A-Ma-Jigs to see the work created you can watch the showcase HERE (skip the first 15mins that bits boring!)

As we don’t want to spam inboxes constantly sometimes last minute things happen / appear and miss out on the monthly so do follow us on FACEBOOK where we’ll keep you in the know of Club Silly artists / events / goings on.


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We’ve got a host of opportunities for Artists, if you want to get involved see below.


Club Silly Cabaret Showcase Slots

Wanna test your metal in front of an audience. Got between 5-30mins of something - poetry, music, comedy, dance, theatre, clowning, circus, participatory, cabaret, art, film or just general interactive silliness?

We’re hosting regular Club Silly nights showcasing the wealth of talented artists we love and support. We’re always up for new people or old people (we’re not ageist) having a go / sharing something / shamelessly plugging their other event somewhere else!

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Subsidised space use for artists, makers, creatives

Club Silly Membership allows artists to access affordable creation space at Silly Towers in Brixton

We ensure big and small sillies can make, test, play, learn, experiment, get it right, get it wrong, be artists without breaking banks and is affordable to you and us.

Check out our artist membership page for more info, it includes discounts on; creation space, event space, digital space

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Designated Production Space

Artist / Producer / Production Manager / Designer. We've gained access to a shiny new room for you to use! - Also perfect for groups and or collectives who would be interested in sharing space together.

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