Silly Shop

Some Silly Shopping

Welcome to the Shop full of Silly.

You shall find all kinds of special gifts here for the silliest of your friends.

Sponsor one of the Menagerie

Sponsor one of our Street Furniture Menagerie, your name will be displayed on our adoption wall, you'll get a certificate, a messge from your ward, a fact sheet on your chosen species, and a magical mystery.


A box full of Silly

A box full of Silly! What's inside will be a surprise, guaranteed to make you SMILE!


The Ultimate Silly Collection

A Box full of Silly + Menagerie Sponsorship + a Silly that you can wear on your body in public!


Coffee with Snr Silly

Snr Silly will buy you Coffee and let you ask him as many Silly or Serious questions as you like! - Pick Roger Hartley's brains. He might even let you have a few to keep.


Lunch with Snr Silly

Snr Silly will buy you Lunch, you pick his brains for all the Silly Ideas - He might even let you keep a few (we hear his brains are delicious!) - NB may or may not include pie!


A real life adventure with SID the BIN

What it say's on the Tin. Ever wanted a personal tour of Brixton, ever wanted a personal tour of Brixton guided by a Wheelie Bin. Ever wanted a personal tour of Brixton with the chance to drive a wheelie bin?


An afternoon of Silly Ideas!

Ever wanted to be chauffeured around in a Pineapple Car? Ever wanted to drive a talking, beeping, squirting wheelie bin through people traffic? Ever wanted to see the world through Roger Hartley tinted glasses. Now's your chance. A full Silly afternoon for two.


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