Club Silly

Club Silly.

Members of Club Silly have experience or an interest in creating, curating, exploring or enjoying art and/or performance and/or eccentric behaviour in the public realm.

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Silly Season

It's Autumn. New season new Silly. 

Free your creative potential with Club Silly this October by coming and learning something new. 

Thursday 12th October

Alternative Drawing Workshops

'Make your mark, doodle your heart and get ready to produce some dreamy drawings! 

Come and take part in an assault course of alternative drawing techniques, using body parts, teamwork, and imagination to create cool drawings and your own original artwork to take home. No experience necessary!

We've got not one but two Alternative drawing workshops happening: 


Alternative Drawing for Young Artists

Calling all young artists!  Open to all budding young artists from 8 to 15 years.




Alternative Drawing for the Young(ish) to Old(ish)

This one's for everyone whose 16+, mentally you can be any age like and you don't need to have any artistic talent. 



Please get in contact if you would like to get involved with CLUB SILLY.  ALL WELCOME!