Club Silly

Club Silly.

Club Silly is for artists, performers, makers and audiences who have an  interest in creating, curating, exploring or enjoying art and/or performance and/or eccentric behaviour in the public realm and/or unusual spaces. 

The Bureau Of Silly Ideas is one of a collective of Artists who produce and house the regular programme of Club Silly events and opportunities

For our the latest happenings please see down there ↓

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The Silly Support Scheme.

We’ve just had a really Silly Idea!

At Silly Towers we have a long history of supporting artists, especially those who are making work;

  • That is for the public realm / outdoors / a space that isn’t a “traditional” arts space (whatever that now means)
  • That has a strong political / social purpose, message or undertone
  • That is non-traditional / alternative in it’s style, presentation and or practice.

We’d like to up this support for FREE!

We’ve realised that due to cuts and the endless rigmarole of funding spheres that there’s a lack of smiling artists in the current climate. As we’ve stocked up on over 30,000 smiles* this summer we feel it’s time we shared them out a little bit.

For more information about the scheme and how to apply please download:

The Silly Support Scheme.

Deadline for Proposals is 6th December at 18.24

Please email any queries and your submission through to

*NB: Smiles don’t equal cash, we’re in the stink with everyone else which is why this is possibly a really Silly idea!

Want to get in the SILLY CLUB? Simply get in touch.  ALL WELCOME!