Club Silly

Club Silly.

Club Silly is for artists, performers, makers and audiences who have an  interest in creating, curating, exploring or enjoying art and/or performance and/or eccentric behaviour in the public realm and/or unusual spaces.

The Bureau Of Silly Ideas is one of a collective of Artists who produce and house the regular programme of Club Silly events and opportunities

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Discounted Rehearsal Space Available

We've got a few empty gaps in our spaces calendar between now and the start of September.

We could wait for people to pay good money for them but instead we thought we'd seize the opportunity to offer them out to our friends in the sector, early career artists and or neighbours for cheap cheap.

There's odd days and weeks available in both Arch 555 (L10m x W7m x H4m- ground floor railway arch, concrete floor, slightly rugged) and Arch 17 (L8m x W7.5 x H4.8m- upstairs space with wooden floor, slightly cosier).

We're offering the spaces at a rate of £300 a week (5 days) or £75 a day to artists who are working in the Outdoor Arts / Festivals (including Edinburgh) / Non-traditional spaces / Public Realm or if you're Lambeth based company / community group.

Our spaces are located a 5 min walk from Brixton Tube (Zone 2).

Drop us and Email for further details, with a brief outline of your company / the work you're making. 

Want to get in the SILLY CLUB? Simply get in touch.  ALL WELCOME!