Welcome to Bureau of Silly Ideas

Welcome to Bureau of Silly Ideas.

We (BOSI) are creators of inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm. We believe that by engaging people in a conversation that extends beyond the absurd, we can impact genuine social change.

BOSI injects art, entertainment, humour and surprise in everyday places - creating engaging installations, devised shows and surprising interventions that bring magic and silliness to the mundane.

We work with a range of partners stretching across heritage, the arts, public realm and community organisations. The way we approach our work depends on the partner and the purpose.


our repertoire - ready made small to medium scale work that can be hired and adapted to suit your festival theme or organisations event. Also perfect for the festival audience, these pieces provide small scale silly relief and personal engagements with the absurd.


our large scale public realm theatre touring productions. These 'silly' engagements have been carefully devised to create experiences that are both, entertaining and thought provoking. We believe in providing alternative platforms for audiences to engage with society and question the world around them.


we’re full of ideas - its what we do! We love co-conspiring with others and together we will find the perfect idea floating in the Silly Sphere that you want and need to explore creatively. If you bring your idea to the table we will match it with sensible silly possibilities!

bureau of silly ideas - making sensible use of silly outdoor theatre