Bee come Silly!

Club Silly Membership allows artists to access affordable creation space at Silly Towers in Brixton

We ensure big and small sillies can make, test, play, learn, experiment, get it right, get it wrong, be artists without breaking banks and is affordable to you and us.


What's in the cake?

  • Discounted use of space - Studios, workshop, desks
  • Hold an event with no upfront costs - ticket splits & deals
  • Discounted use of digital equipment - filming, editing, tech support
  • Occasional free space - when we feel extra super lovely
  • Reciprocal marketing - we'll tell our friends about what you're up to


In order to make it as affordable and easy as possible we've got 2 payment plan options, depending on your needs;


Club Silly is currently supported using funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by City Bridge Trust through the London Community Response Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players for making it possible.