Make Smiles

Make Smiles.

Have you more sense than money?

As part of Arts Council’s CATALYST grant we can match your donation pound for pound allowing us to make twice as many smiling faces.

We can guarantee that any support you give will make people smile, improve cohesion and contribute to reducing the costs of social care by increasing well-being.

By giving a monthly donation you’ll become an extra special member of the Bureau and it’ll allow us to plan and deliver a greater number of future smiles across the globe, meaning you’ll be responsible for the happiness of thousands.

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Making Smiles


We are a not for profit organisation, this means any money we get goes straight back to making new work or towards targeted outreach projects; involving grassroots organisations and working with the communities we care about.


Haven’t got the capacity to support us financially, not to worry there are ways you can make us smile instead. We’re often in need of other things, whether that’s People power, volunteering to help with Silly Ideas and Projects. Possible space for making / storing. Or stuff that might be usefully turned into something silly, one man's trash is definitely our treasure!

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